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Nigella’s ChocoPots

My friend Derrick and I once spent a summer worshipping Nigella Lawson. In between early morning shifts at the Starbucks (for him) and late night shifts at the local hookah bar (for me), we would lay in my sun filled bedroom, feet on the pillows… Read More

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The Frugal Chicken

If there is one thing in life I am not, it is disciplined. If there are two things in life I am not, it is disciplined and frugal. Frugality and discipline. The traits are pretty close friends. If you are disciplined, you can resist the… Read More

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Dinner & A Movie

Going out to a movie is not something I do with any regularity.  When conversations begin with who saw the latest superhero flick or how sick were the special effects on that movie by somebody Bay, I stare blankly into the distance trying to remember… Read More