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Holiday Shopping Guide: Travelers

passport wallet

As mentioned previously, I am not much of a shopper. I am terrible at maintaining a wardrobe, buying souvenirs while traveling, or finding joy in window shopping. My money is generally spent on the temporal – travel and eating. Things that you can’t hold, or if you are holding will soon be consumed.

That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t lust after the accessories of my favorite pastimes.   I spend hours – and I mean hours – looking at websites of travel accessories and kitchen tools. So as the season of spending too much money on those we love approaches, I’ve created two shopping guides. One for the travelers in your life and one for the eaters. Items range from the cheap to the expensive, and should satisfy anyone in your life who is hungry or filled with wanderlust.

Note: These are all products I do not own – I will soon be doing a post on the travel accessories I own and love!

La Route Du Bonheur Passport Case

(Above) I love this all inclusive wallet. With one sleek accessory you can keep your passport, boarding pass, and credit cards organized and at the ready. Even better is the pen loop – how often do you find yourself suddenly needing to write down a phone number or train departure time with no pen to be found?

infinity travel scarf

Speakeasy Travel Supply Scarf

There’s a reason this scarf has been featured on every must have travel accessory Pinterest board. An infinity scarf in multiple stylish prints with a hidden pocket. I would be unlikely to put my passport here, but I would love to stash train tickets, cash, or other items that you want at the ready but not out in the open.


Music Branch Headphone Splitter

Jason and I are an adorably annoying couple who like to watch the same TV show or movie on the plane. On our last flight to Belgium we timed hitting “play” on our seatback TVs so that we could watch the same episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee together. With this headphone splitter we could easily share a screen, or listen to the same podcast or music playlist.


Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

My greatest travel sin is not drinking enough water. At home I am constantly downing liquids; while abroad I suddenly forget about my need for H2O and easily get dehydrated. Although this collapsible water bottle would probably only be helpful in countries with potable water, it may be a relatively easy (and flat) way to remind myself to drink water.

Product-Image-Temp 1000740

Brit + Co Destination Maps

You can download all the apps in the world, but when you find yourself without Wi-Fi or with a dead iPhone standing in the rain on an unknown street there is nothing like an old fashioned physical map to get you out of the cold and into a cozy restaurant. These stylish and durable city maps (updated every four years) are a cheap travel essential.


Travel Tray

I am somewhat obsessive about keeping my belongings organized, even once I am safely tucked into my accommodation for the night. I tend to circle the room, condensing belongings into piles or repacking things I will need again in twenty minutes out of fear of losing them. This collapsible travel tray would be a great way to toss those everyday items – receipts, spare change, room keys – into one spot in your hotel room. Even better, the entire tray has a drawstring so in the event you wake up late and about to miss your train, you can gather all your travel flotsam and jetsam in one sophisticated upward motion and hit the road.



I am very sensitive to noise when I sleep, and never travel without ear plugs. SleepPhones are headphones in a super soft headband, perfect for listening to white noise or a podcast in total comfort. This gadget would be perfect to contentedly block out noise before bed or while trying to sleep on a plane.


Holster Brand Silicone Holders

All too often hotel or hostel bathrooms have tiny or non-existent sink space. I have a hanging cosmetics bag that I love, but still sometimes I wish I just had an extra inch or two to put my toothbrush or other beauty tool. These cute and heat resistant silicone holders would do just the trick, and could probably be squished into not taking up too much space in your luggage.


Up next – Holiday Shopping Guide for Eaters!


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