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Eaten & Seen in Belgium Part Two: Bruges


We arrived in Bruges in an light but persistent rain, which made navigating the city a bit difficult at first.  Thankfully on our second morning we finally saw some sun in the beautiful main square of Bruges.


A beer in the “Cozy Bistro” — a small family run restaurant we stopped at on the way home to our hotel the first night.  The family was from somewhere in the Middle East, with the husband serving, wife cooking, and their young daughter watching TV upstairs.  She mean mugged Jason when he went to use the restroom and smiled warmly at me, so she’s my new favorite person.



After a rainy arrival in Bruges, we were happy for a mostly clear night to explore the small alleys and canals.  That is, once we actually found the center of town.  Our first outting from the hotel led us to the windmills on the very outskirts of town.

IMG_2908  DSC05176

Tower of fast food Belgian frites & Belfry tower.  I ate about six of those mayo ladened frites as I was suffering from a total loss of appetite in Bruges.  An annoying side effect of jet lag I sometimes encounter.  Bad for a food blogger, but great on our wallets!



Rooftop views from the Half Moon brewery, the oldest and only remaining brewery inside the city of Bruges.


Views of the square and samples after our tour of the Belgian Beer museum.  Beer is a great excuse for beautiful views in Bruges.


Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.   The Belgians love to window shop, and as fast walking Americans we almost collided with many Belgians suddenly stopping to admire a coat or dinette set.  I can’t blame them for stopping to admire a window like this.

DSC05204  IMG_2941

Thankfully my stomach did allow for beer consumption, and I was able to survive off of deliciously thick and hearty Belgian brews.  Our favorite bar in Bruges was the lovely, ‘t Brugs Beertje, the warmest little beer café where I did manage to eat half a ham and cheese sandwich.  Yay!


Next up — Ghent & Brussels!  Where I get my appetite back and try to make up for lost time with some delicious Belgian stews and more waffles (of course).

Did you miss part one of our Belgian adventure?  Check it out here!


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