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Eaten & Seen in Kentucky

DSC04528We started the weekend at Sky Bridge Station, an adorable hostel and restaurant with all local brews and gourmet hot dogs, right on the edge of Red River Gorge.

hot dogThe “epic journey” dog: Bluegrass cheddar mettwurst with jalapeños, chipotle mayo, and jack cheddar cheese.

tapsSky Bridge Station had all local brews from West Sixth and Country Boy.  Cliff Jumper & Shotgun Wedding were quite good.

sky DSC04531DSC04529Jason making a very normal face walking across Sky Bridge in Red River Gorge.

DSC04582We stayed at Eighth Pole Inn, a bed and breakfast in Lexington.  It was classic Kentucky, complete with a horse farm and plenty of Keeneland memorabilia. 

DSC04559Hanging with horses.  Photo credit to Jason for my favorite shot of the weekend.

DSC04610West Sixth was just twenty minutes away, so we had to make a beer run.  We got a delicious Belgian Pale Ale that paired perfectly with the picnic spread provided by my darling mother.


DSC04613DSC04575 DSC04604Spent a lovely (but incredibly hot) morning sipping coffee by the stables and then enjoying a made-to-order breakfast by the kind staff of the Eighth Pole Inn.

DSC04617Scruffy!  Dogs should be mandatory at all bed and breakfast joints.

DSC04632We headed out to spend the day at the Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, where Town Branch bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is made.

DSC04647 DSC04643  DSC04651DSC04653DSC04660Bluegrass Sundown liqueur + hot water + floating cream = total deliciousness



  1. Lisa O'Connell

    This is your “darling mother!” And I have to say, after anyone reads the comment about my picnic spread and that I am “darling”, the next photo is a huge picture of a smiling, “darling” horse – when I noticed this, I laughed out loud!! 😉

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